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All the metal products are made of qualitative highest quality materials, using advanced technologies and technological processes, corresponding ES production and safety standards.

Every year there is a park of technological equipment being updated to the installed system ISO 90001 in our company.

Metal cutting is to be performed using automatic plasma/gas cutting equipment:

  • Plasma cutting – sheet of 30 mm in thickness,
  • Gas cutting – sheet of 100 mm in thickness,

These are simple, convenient, safe and economic metal cutting devices, which ensure a quick and qualitative cutting. 

  • Band metal cutting using semi-automatic Bomar Transverse 610.440DGH cutting machine. This way there is a quick and precise cut being guaranteed, cutting in different angles. Maximum height of the object being cut 440 mm.

Metal cleaning using DBS-200 RCS equipment. Cleaning up to SA-3.0 class.

Drilling machine BERNANRDO KBM 50;

Pipe bending using SUPERBENDER SB48 equipment.

The company also performs the following works:

  • Semi-automatic welding of different columns, towers, poles and steel constructions up to 6000 kg to ISO 3834-2 and ISO 1090-1 up to the 3-rd class of performance with CE marking.
  • 3-D welding table and modular welding system allows welding special constructions of different length.
  • Services of hot galvanizing.